Focus on non standard automation design for 15 years. The non standard automation design solution provider solves the different process equipment problems and custom equipment

Provide factory automation solutions and perfect after-sales service.

Non standard automatic design

Motor equipment automation provider innovation, advanced, scientific, independent research and development design

We are always in the leading position in the same industry.

Industrial vision solution

It aims to transform the machine vision, robot, automation and other technologies into a system solution

For the construction of digital intelligent factory service.


  • 电机专业设备

  • 机器视觉应用

  • 自动化非标设计


Five major functions of machine vision application system

  • Character detection

    Character detection

  • Surface defect

    Surface defect
    Scratch/black spot/White/silver/chromatic aberration

  • Barcode recognition

    Barcode recognition
    One dimension code/two-dimensional code/memory diagram

  • Size measurement

    Size measurement
    Plane positioning/capture/angle

  • Contour detection

    Contour detection
    Plane positioning/capture/angle

Service support

  • Analogue simulation

    Analogue simulation

    Simulation can help the project to save time and operation funds, and the simulation is significant for the improvement of the project planning and design efficiency.

  • system design

    system design

    This machine run, adhere to technological innovation as a business philosophy, the use of modern new technology (new materials, new technology, new technology) to meet new and old customers.

  • Installation and debugging

    Installation and debugging

    Equipment operating conditions (capacity, fuel consumption, temperature, speed) and other parameters of remote terminal real-time display, control at any time.

  • Training services

    Training services

    We provide a week of intensive training for the end users of each project for a week of factory base training and installation site (customer specified) 3 days.

  • After-sale service

    After-sale service

    Market oriented, products and sales as the leading, brand and service as the support, based on technology research and development;

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